Many evening gatherings and events take place indoors. As a result, large amounts of energy are used on lighting and temperature control. By moving these events to outdoor locations such as porches, decks, or patios energy can be saved by enjoying comfortable evening temperatures. The warm light from Socialight’s three high efficiency LEDs and richly colored water resistant waxed paper encourages partygoers to venture outdoors and participate in social mingling. The modular system is sold as powered hanging cores and a set of colored paper shades. The core, meant to last an extended period of time, is hung from the power lines while the shell can be replaced or exchanged based upon the desired feeling of an event.
Purchased flatpacked, the assembly process gives the user a greater sense of ownership and personal pride in the product.
Customize Socialight by purchasing the shade in a variety of colors and shapes
Iterative modeling refined the shade's form, core geometry, and assembly process.
Once assembled, the 12 volt power lines are installed. These provide power and support.
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