Using no glues or adhesives and manufactured from materials which would normally be disposed by various businesses as waste, the OmniGrip is a sustainable alternative to the coffee cup sleeve. It is also designed for disassembly, allowing effortless recycling or reuse of its components.
1. Bicycle Spoke Arms           2. Bicycle Spoke Tension Hook                 3. Reclaimed Wood Cover                   4. Shoe Hanger Support     5. Bicycle Wheel Handle 
The OmniGrip is held together with a single tensioned hook made from a bicycle spoke. This inserts through the shoe hanger support plate and, when tensioned, secures the handle together and locks the holding arms. This design allows for disassembly and replacement of parts. The wood used as a cover on the handle is reclaimed scrap wood and finished with Shellac, a 100% natural and environmentally safe substance.
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