Some meals best eaten soon after their preparation. As a result, the locations where these can be enjoyed is limited. The portable dine\out series encourages users to prepare hot pressed sandwiches, ice cream, and blended drinks almost anywhere. Each device in the dine\out family was designed by a different team member.
The top and bottom of the press are connected by a pair of integrated arms.
The long arms accommodate various thicknesses of sandwiches and allow for easy access.
The free floating top allows for flat pressing and even cooking.
The press is opened by hand and a combination of applied force and weight press the sandwich.
Form Factor
Smooth surfaces allow for easy cleaning, while the compact shape assists with portability. Conformity of design to a unified brand language was required from all team members.
Cooking Surface
The hybrid grill-griddle cooking plates provide large surface area and grease runoff.
Removable Battery
Easy recharging, extra power when needed, and interchangeability with other dine\out products are provided by the removable battery.
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