Design Through Iteration

The parametric chess set was completed as an exercise in parametric modeling, designing for 3D printing manufacture, and designing a family of objects. The number of sides of each piece is defined by the number of spaces each piece can occupy. For instance, the king has the ability to move to 8 different spaces in addition to the space it currently occupies. This results in the king having 9 sides.
The early models were manufactured using a zcorp 3D printer while the final design was created using an FDM printer. The board pictured was made using both CNC machining (the board) and hand woodworking (the frame). 
two early sets.     scalloped on left     flat on right
Flat sided
Scalloped set
Flat Knight

Scalloped King.
Pieces - FDM
Board - CNC acrylic
Frame - Walnut
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